The Commitments

Open Run
2hr. 30min.
Opened 21 Sep 2013
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The commitments.

Saw the show recently,the cast was good especially Killian Donnely who has a brilliant singing voice and should be a star in his right.Joe Woolmer and Ben Fox also stood out.The rest of the cast were average to fairly good I thought.On the upside the songs were superbly sung and you couldn't help claping your hands and stamping your feet,on the downside direction could do with a look at as the stage was overcrowded at times with the actors bumping into each other frequantly,also the FOUL language was to much some of it forced so if you are easily offended or are a respectable family then don't go.To sum up another average over priced West End show which in my opinion will have a 18 months or so run.