The 39 Steps



When it came to camp knowing period comedy escapism, this production was the go-to show in London. But today, compared to "One Man, Two Guvnors," it really isn't anywhere near as funny, relying too much on arch campness and nostalgia, and too little on genuinely funny jokes and business. For me, the production came alive when Rufus Wright and Laura Rogers (both pitch perfect and completely charming) were handcuffed together and started their gender comedy sparring, but it all came a little too late in the day. Passable.

Excellent entertainment. I first saw this a while ago and wondered if I'd enjoy it as much this time but it was as funny and inventive as ever. Of the 4 actors I'd particularly mention Stephen Ventura and John Hopkins, who makes a very dashing Richard Hannay.

Very funny and entertaining - much better than I expected. Laugh out loud funny - very inventive and great use of improvisation. Recommended

Very funny and entertaining - much better than I expected. Laugh out loud funny - very inventive and great use of improvisation. Recommended

Quite a lot of hype on this one and although well acted it really is not that good but if you do have to go do not sit in the circle.

Cracking entertainment! A roller-coaster ride of a romp with some wonderful touches and eye-catching props.


Has You Laughing from Start to Finish! Go and see it, you won't regret it.

Absolutly Brilliant! Has you laughing from start to finish and is very clever and inventive!

A clever and skilfully executed performance by the 4 actors but rather a hollow and empty genre piece in reality. A weak script with some nice slapstick moments and the actor playing was stylish and had great timing. I din't find it funny enough and the suspense element was sacrificed to the spoof. Poor theatre and basic effects are its virtue but still not as great as The Woman In Black!

I saw the play in December and loved it so much I just had to come again - but it was a different cast than last time and I was really disappointed. Maybe the new actors need some more rehearsal, but I just didn't enjoy it as much.

Utterly brilliant... fast paced slapstick humour that maintains its momentum right up until the final scene. Inventive and original - you are missing out on a real gem if you don't go.

Want to have a happy night out in London theatre? Than head on to THE 39 STEPS. 4 actors do whatever has to be done to play this comedypricewinnerthrillerplay and its dozens of roles/parts. This play with all its wit (and nonsense) fits very well to the wonderful Victorian place, which the Criterion is. But be aware: Unfortunately even our seats are taking part in this play. Their awful noise (by every spectators' slightest move) spoils some of the fun. One wonders about the management's idea opinion on such ruined and the enjoyment ruining seats.

Very enjoyable trifle, faithful and respectful to the 1935 film version but making a virtue of the low budget and tiny cast. The cast are excellent and Charles Edwards is particularly funny as the dashing, pencil-moustached Hannay.