Singin' in the Rain



This show is amazing!!! Adore Adam, Scarlett, Daniel and Katherine they are all so unbelievably talented!! Truly uplifting and an absolute joy to watch.

something else. cast are amazing; Cooper carrying off the loving charisma characterised by Gene Kelly. Crossley and Strallen delight and pay worthy homage to the originals

how this show has got so many 5 stars beggers belief. One of the most tedious I've seen in a longtime. The rain bit was fun as people got soaked in the front row. Quite a few people left in the interval. Sandra Dickenson was on for a couple of minutes at each end. WOuld recommend if you are over 80.

What a wonderfully entertaining show, it has all the elements to keep you enthralled throughout the evening. Great performances particulalry from 3 leads and supporting cast. Rain scenes are funny and spectacular. Go and see it to lift your spirits.

Couldnt ever live up to the film but does a bloomin good job and is almost there! Thoroughly enjoyable and funny! Fabulous rain scene and best ever curtain call! Lina has a come and go accent and the staging is sometimes slightly odd but it made no difference to my pure delight! Great night out!