Peter and Alice



Sometimes dull, sometimes charming, this is all about the two central performances. Judi Dench is excellent & Ben Whishaw better still. The play has its flaws but the performances are top notch

I found this charming and heartbreaking. I agree it would be nothing without it's stars but it has them and in fine form. I was captivated; my companion was left cold and bored. I'd rather be me.

The Grandage season continues in a completely different vein with this delightful and thoughtful imagining of a meeting between the models for Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. John Logan's play suggests that their adult lives have been defined by their childhood manifestations. In the case of Alice it was a welcome escape from the sometimes uncomfortable and tragic realities of adult life, but for Peter it became un unbearable burden. It's not an easy play and does occasionally get a bit bogged down but gains immeasurably from two outstanding performances as the title characters. Ben Wishaw is hugely affecting as the troubled Peter who blames all his problems on Barrie taking over his life and Dame Judi Dench is quite superb as Alice, ranging from a haughty old woman back to the child Alice and a moment of unspeakable grief at the loss of two of her sons in the war. Logan may have constructed his play from conjecture rather than any evidence of the actual meeting between the two but he has made it into a challenging but highly provoking evening as well as providing a wonderful role for Dame Judi should this be one of her last stage performances.

The most boring 90 minutes of my life.

Beautiful performances from Dench and Whishaw, telling a story that moved me to tears.

Saved by the leads from getting 3 stars - with out them would this play even be produced? I think not. Sets are amazing and have the wow factor. But sorry this is not a great play from the very talented John Logan and the two 'kid' actors drove me mad vocally.

One mark each for Dame Judi and Ben Wishaw who did their best with what they were given, but the play is very weak. The characters did not really draw you in emotionally, as going back and forwards to their younger selves broke the momentum of the play. The younger versions of Peter and Alice were acted like pretentious brats so it was difficult to have any sympathy with them. Very disappointing.