Peter and Alice

Opened 9 Mar 2013
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When Alice Liddell Hargreaves met Peter Llewellyn Davies at the opening of a Lewis Carroll exhibition in 1932, the original Alice in Wonderland came face to face with the original Peter Pan. In John Logan's remarkable new play, enchantment and reality collide as this brief encounter lays bear the lives of these two extraordinary characters.


Peter & Alice

26 Mar 2013
Fans of the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, written by John Logan, will be thrilled to discover that the author has put M and Q – ie, Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw – back together again as an ... Read More

Reviewed by What's On Stage User (legacy) on 26 Apr 2013

Reviewed by What's On Stage User (legacy) on 9 Apr 2013

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