Passion Play

Opened 1 May 2013
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Comfortably married for 25 years, James and Eleanor's world is upended when James agrees to a secret rendezvous with their recently widowed friend, Kate. As the lies mount up, the affair strips the marriage bare and reveals the illicit desires and hidden passions that lie beneath the everyday facade.

A glorious meeting of humour, eroticism and duplicity, this modern classic and winner of the Evening Standard Award for Best Play makes a much-anticipated return to the West End.


Passion Play

8 May 2013
Oliver Cotton (Jim), Samantha Bond (Nell), Zoë Wanamaker (Eleanor), Annabel Scholey (Kate) and Owen Teale (James) Sacred music and secular love: it's a potent combination in Peter Ni Read More

Reviewed by What's On Stage User (legacy) on 29 May 2013

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