Jersey Boys



I took my Dad to see this show earlier in the year and loved it as so did I. It's a show you can't really go wrong with and one I would probably see again.

Average 1st half. The story doesn't really kick off to the 2nd act and that is very strong. Not as good as Billy Elliot or Wicked, but a fun night and the show gets better through the evening.

Just seen the show, it was awesome; outstanding singing, acting, stage direction, dancing, lighting had us singing and dancing all the way home....just wish I could have taken Glenn with me!!!

i have seen jye frasca as FRANKIE VALLI in lodnons west end 5 times... Jye is super as frankie but also is brilliant as joey...... if you want a great night out go jersey boys is amazing

It was fantastic loved every minute

We were privileged to listen to Jye Frasca as Mr Frankie Valli, and even now 2 days after the performance Iam still in a state of euphoria at not just the wonderful production but to stress how fantastic Jye Frasca was in the lead role (ask anyone in the audience who gave him the standing ovation he greatly deserved) I closed my eyes and it was just like listening to the man himself.Thank you all for such wonderful entertainment

I was always told about how good Jersey boys is and actually never really got into it until I saw the cast perform on the royal variety performance. I then began to listen to the music and being quite young I have never heard most of the music. I instantly fell in love with the music and then have been wanting to see it ever since. I sat in the Stalls Row G about centre which was absolutely amazing seats and I recommend getting good seats as it is really worth getting the most out of the show. You may find that if you get sounds further back that the more intimate quite scenes are not as good. The sound was absolutely perfect from where I was and the atmosphere in some of the more concert like performances of songs such as Ce Soiree La, the opening number, Can't take my eyes off of you and Who loves you the sound is exquisite and you really the power of the falsetto from Ryan Molloy (it is definitely worth going on a night he is performing (Check out his website)). From the instant the show started with it powerful rap number Ce Soiree La I was instantly thrown into the concert like experience of some of the songs. The opening number is very loud and the base will really rattle you chest but this is the loudest the show gets. The set design is ingenious and the quick changes of set and indeed costume are executed amazingly and keep the piece flowing well. The lighting design is also extremely good and really sets the scene well whether its a sad poignant moment or indeed one of the happier concert performances. The band were also top notch and all very talented. The beginning of the play up until Sherry is mostly dialogue and features a few short song excerpts though there are some really good harmonies building up as the band get together. Throughout these parts the script is well written, witty and funny, and from the moment Ryan Molloy (Frankie Valli) skips on stage singing his heavenly Falsetto you know that he is an actor you'll want to see again and again. His vocals were absolutely excellent, especially his rendition of Can't take my eyes off of you which after the band march on stage for the chorus the entire audience were on their feet before the night had even finished. Stephen Ashfield (Bob Gaudio) was also tremendous and his performance's of Oh what a night and I cried for you were musically perfect. Glenn Carter (Tommy Devito) was definitely the perfect choice for the antagonist in the play and acted extremely well as being a key part of the vocal harmony as well as Philip Bulcock (Nick Massi) who played the quiet one that never really seems to want to be in the band. They all are amazing actors as well which holds together the dialogue. There harmony is also absolutely sport on making them in my eyes the best ever cast to play the Jersey Boys and I would pick them over the Broadway cast's any day. The supporting roles are all filled excellently with Simon Adkins (Bob Crewe) and Jye Frasca (Joe Pesci) filling their roles suitably. It was an absolutely amazing night out and to top it off all of the members of the cast were willing to sign and have pictures taken outside the stage door(although if you want to see Ryan Molloy you may have to wait quite a long time due to his extensive vocal warm downs). A Wonderful evening, definitely worth going to see. Oh What a Night!

Fantastic show. I was a little disappointed at first when I realised tha Ryan Molloy was not playing Franki at the performance but my misgivings proved to be totally unfounded. Scott Monello was excellent. Whilst Ryan is fantastic and, I believe, produces a very authentic Valli sound, I suspect that Monello actually has a better, more mellow voice while covering the "range" with ease. Glenn Carter, Stpehen Ashfield & Philip Bulcock were great too. The story, sets, cast, musicians were all fantastic. An excellent show which made me laugh, sing & cry. Would highly recommend if you want a real feel-good experience, fabulous music and great entertainment.

Best show I have seen, was blown away with by it and cant wait to go again in April. All the cast members were excellent, both the music and acting was fantastic. Would recommend a evening with the Jersey Boys to anyone. Ryan Molloy is the icing on the cake he is fabulous.xx

Excellent entertainment. Great cast,great music, great theatre,great time!!!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by Jersey Boys. I feared I may have been in for one of those terrible jukebox musicals where the performances come from the audience rather than the stage but by the time the boogie-woogie brigade have got on their feet the number is over and they sigh in unison as they have to sit down again. After half an hour, they are worn out and give up. What a blessing for the rest of us! Jersey Boys is more of a musical play and deals with tough issues like the mob, infidelity and the price of fame. Judging by the huge crowds outside the theatre it is doing very well but, alas, I wonder if they are expecting something rather different.

Brilliant! Absolutely loved it. What a talented cast. Definitely going again.

If you want to spend an evening at the theatre, watching a fantastic show with a phenomenal cast and outstanding music, then why not head down to the Prince Edward theatre and see Jersey Boys. From the opening beats of Cest soirees la right through to the encore of oh what a night you will be taken on a rollercoaster of a ride, watching how four blue collar guys become one of the biggest selling groups in music history. Ryan Molloy is mesmerizing as Frankie Valli, with his boyish good looks and falsetto voice you actually believe you are watching the real thing. Glenn Carter portrays bad boy Tommy devito with the right amount of attitude and coolness that makes the character believable....for a character you should not like you do end up getting a soft spot for him. Stephen Ashfield is outstanding as the shy and retiring Bob Gaudio, and Philip Bulcock shines as the mysterious Nick Massi. Also with a supporting cast that shine throughout the show, this show is definitly worth the money. Ive seen it 9 times and every time i see it im desperate to book my next visit. As a lot of people are saying this show is getting more and more popular, so if you havent seen the show yet (oh my god where have you been) and want to see what all the fuss is about, head on down to the prince edward theatre today and book your tickets.

This show is fabulous. I have never in my life gone to see a show 12 times but i will have done by Xmas!! Love the four stars..the cast is so tight and the music is superb. Great night out in a beautiful theatre. The theatre is not half empty now you'll be lucky to get a good seat. Word of mouth by ecstatic audiences has booking to next October. YEAH

Going to see the show for the 20th time on Friday and it is brilliant. Great Music and Cast dont know how anyone can dislike this show. And Robert get your facts right the front row seats are twenty pound each and you are informed on the web site and at the box office that they are restricted view so double check before you put the wrong information out

second visit sat 18th 2-30 loved it loved it loved it will be going for a third

Re: previous review Glenn Carter can be as laid back as he likes but his performance as Tommy throughout the first half cannot be faulted. The show is great GO & SEE IT!

Re: previous review Glenn Carter can be as laid back as he likes but his performance as Tommy throughout the first half cannot be faulted. The show is great GO & SEE IT!

This show is still maintaining high standards. It is quite a wonderful production technically if you watch carefully how all the props are manipulated.Felt maybe Glenn Carter was a touch laid back with the whole thing but that is a minor criticism perhaps that's his interpretation of the role. Great songs though.

This show is still maintaining high standards. It is quite a wonderful production technically if you watch carefully how all the props are manipulated.Felt maybe Glenn Carter was a touch laid back with the whole thing but that is a minor criticism perhaps that's his interpretation of the role. Great songs though.

This show is still maintaining high standards. It is quite a wonderful production technically if you watch carefully how all the props are manipulated.Felt maybe Gleen Carter was a touch laid back with the whole thing but that is a minor criticism perhaps that's his interpretation of the role. Great songs though.

As soon as my first visit to Jersey Boys ended I couldn't wait to see it again. In truth it slightly failed to live up to my expectations but only because they were so high. Second time around the story is a bit less compelling and at times you just want to get to the next song. Ryan Molloy remains astonishing vocally but occasionally his acting was less sharp. The show and the audience also deserves a megamix finale which could be easily justified as part of the reunion concert. That's because the greatness of Jersey Boys primarily lies in the songs of the Four Seasons, Molloy's astounding lead vocals, great harmonies and a sensational band (especially the two drummers) all enhanced by the best sound system I have ever heard in a theatre. Is that enough to bring me back again? Absolutely.

Saw Jersey Boys on Tuesday 26 August, I can honestly say the best musical I have seen and I have seen most musicals in the West End. Would definately go again, cast are wonderful with fantastic vocals.

It's all you could want in a musical. Good, entertainment, never a dull moment and although you may think that you've never ever heard of Frankie Valli and the four seasons you will recognise every single song!!! I have seen it 4 times now and it seems different every time! If you're short of cash ask for the £20 front row seats (restricted view but only because the stage is little high), better than paying £60 for the row behind and you don't miss too much as the guys are on the front of the stage most of the time)!

Very enjoyable show, takes a little while to get going but once the boys get famous the hits keep on coming. Excellent music and superb singing from the leads, great finale too.

Jersey Boys is emphatically not a jukebox musical. It cleverly tells the fascinating story of The Four Seasons through the sometimes conflicting perspective of the four band members using the songs to illustrate their rise to fame through subsequent splits and an emotional reunion as the band rise from beneath the stage at their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The Goodfellas feel of hardscrabble New Jersey is effectively recreated and it doesn't come across as a sanitised version of the band's chequered past. The casting is inspired: the three originals look like Jersey guys even if Stephen Ashfield resembles an English choirboy as the goody-goody Bob Gaudio. Each brilliantly captures the heart of their four very different characters and Ryan Molloy is incredible as Frankie Valli brilliantly mimicing his soaring falsetto. Of course the true star is the fantastic array of songs played by an amazing band with a sound system probably far superior to any the real Four Seasons were able to use. If I have one criticism it is that we are given only excerpts from most of the classic hits even during the too short finale. Apparently ticket sales are slightly disappointing which is a great shame because, of its type, this is the best show I have ever seen abd Jersey Boys deserves to match its New York success.

It's ok as far as it goes, I guess. But for juke box show £60 is a tad overpriced. The theatre was quite empty, which is a very bad sign for a show which has just opened. Performances are good in general but the lead singer clearly lip synchs in more than one ocassion.

Saw the show last Saturday evening with full house. Fantastic! Ryan Malloy is superb.

I cannot understand some of the comments made by other reviewers. How can a show that is so fast moving be described as "boring"? As for the criticism that many songs are shortened, if they were not the show would last for four hours. As far as I remember, the only "shortened" songs are those of other artistes that the group sang in their early days. This is one of the reasons why, when we reach "Sherry" and the other hits, they are so exciting. Perhaps some of the younger members of the audience do not realise that many of the Four Seasons hits were, compared to modern "songs", very short! Staging is fast and furious and performances uniformly excellent, with a stunning turn from Ryan Malloy. The staging is clever and fast-paced. One critisism that I have seen against the show is that it is "too American". "Hairspray" (another excellent show) is far more "American" in regard to its plot and references and yet it seems to be succeeding very well.

A fantastic show. One of the best I have seen in the West End for a long time. Superb performances all round.

I thought this show was fantastic and it was great seeing it with WOS.

Music and singing excellent although I must agree with some of the reviewers that too many of the songs were just excerpts. Also, far too much gratuitous bad language to make the show enjoyable and the ending was a bit of a let down. There are better things to spend £60 on.

Very boring show and definately not that good a musical so do not waste your money on this one. Hopefully it will be put out of its misery soon.

It's a bit boring overall, the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is quite dull and not very interesting. Nearly 3hrs is far too long. And they sing very little of the actual songs. The leads were good, some accents not so good. The first few rows are restricted view although they sell them for top price. Oh what a nerve!

Excellent show. I cannot believe some of the comments from people who claim to have seen the show. My section was enraptured, wild applause, cheering standing ovation. Somone said it was uninteresting and uneventful. So going from rags to riches,hitting stardom, getting into debt with the Mafia, losing your daughter is uneventful? That's why Spielberg and Scorsese are fighting over the film rights, because it's dull uneventful etc? Get real!

A very boring show. Terrible atempt at a juke box kind of show, performances are OK but the direction is truly dreadful. The music is good up to a point but the lyrics are just so bad, nearly as bad as the book.

Have mixed feelings about this show. The performers are good, the music is fine but like others have said too many bits of songs, not many sang entirely. It drag quite a lot at times. The direction I found really poor.

Cannot believe so many negative comments about this show. I thought it was superbly directed, the set, lighting and general production values were 1st Class. superb performances form Ryan Malloy and Stephen Ashfield. Good mix of book and songs. Definitely not a juke box musical!!

What surprised me most seeing this show was that the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is neither very interesting nor particularly eventful - yet it takes this show bearly 3hrs to tell it. Also, why do they sing so little of the actual songs? It was mostly just excerpts until then. Far to many excerpts. A very odd night out. I was quite exhausted not to say disappointed by the end of it. I do agree with JoeSmith and others though. The leads were in fine voice.

Another juke-box stinker with not nearly enough attention (or money) paid to staging. Great performances but that's exactly what you'd expect.No idea what all the US references were about and felt soundly ripped-off.

I saw this on Saturday 15th and thought it was outstanding! All four leads were brilliant but I have to mention Stephen Ashfield's performance of Oh what a night, it was fantastic. My attention didn't wander for a second. Totally brilliant.


A live biopic. A line up of Four Seasons hits - played well - but with exceedingly weak links between the numbers. For me, the boringness of the story and the flat acting outweigh the quality of the songs. Unless you are a Frankie Valli fan, I would give this a miss. Pity.

Absoloutly Incredible it was amazing the broad spectrum of people in the audience and the clear enjoyment that was had by all I understand the below criticism but one has to bear in mind the show was in previews. Ryan Molloy was fantastic however half way through i realised he was the chick with a dick from Jerry Springer the opera and that made me look twice. As an American 'hit' this really didn't disappoint unlike wicked it lives up to the Tony hype. Unbelievably slick well cast and just fun.

Not generally a musicals lover, but Jersey Boys is superb.

Yeah, it was really good. I didn'y know all of the songs. I am definately aware of the really big hits. As I was saying to one othe theatregoer at the post reception, I think possibly it could be (a little) gernerational thing, but the show as slick. The voices were great, not just vocally, but the accents. I was there on a recommendation of family who'd seen the Braodway production. Really enjoued it. I've been sings Sherry all day

I'm a bit puzzled by the negativity below as I'm about to run out of superlatives! At last night's final preview - a great WOS Outing! - the show was sensational. The only other so-called 'juke box' musicals that have worked for me are Mamma Mia and Our House, both fitting songs to a fictitional story. Here we have the songs woven into the true story of the band and the book really is good and the songs seem much better than I remember thinking they were at the time! I have very fond memories of this director's fast-paced sensational staging of Tommy and this is its equal. And the performances? Well, there isn't a fault in the casting and the four leads are terrific together. I don't know how Ryan Molloy is going to cope with performing as Frankie Valli night after night, but it was a stone bonkers star performance last night. This will be with us for some time sitting alongside home-grown Billy Elliott and that other terrific import Hairspray as shining examples of how uplifting musicals can be.

I went to see Jersey Boys yesterday and really cannot see what all the fuss is about. OK, the music is fun, and the guys are quite good, however the story is very dull, the staging terribly boring and as for the video screens totally pointless. In a way I'm glad saw it, but I wouldn't go back again and I really don't think this will last more than a year in London.

I saw the show last Friday and Frankie was played by the alternate Scott.I disagree with the previous post and I thought he was fantastic. The transition from him playing a young boy to being a leading man was superb. Also a very heartfelt performance when required. Stephen who played Bob was also superb. A fantastic show and everyone deserved their standing ovation. This is only preview week so can't wait to see the cast in a few months time. Fantastic.

Oh What a (very odd) night! Saw this show in preview and I must saw a better SUNG show you couldn't ask fro. Every actor was strong - and though Ryan Molloy was exceptional! Now the no so good stuff - the first 20-30 minutes we're introduced to a group of petty criminals, a fake murder, and swearing that would not be out of place in a Mamet play. I'm no prude but anyone bringing Childen to this need to be warned. So - the scene setting done (are we supposed to care about these people now? If so it failed) - the real reason for this hit hits us - GREAT vocal performances. The staging was that of a pop concert, and the script such as it was was WAY too "Aren't we great", "we're working class heroes" "We got the Hall of Fame award from the people" self congratulatory for my liking - WAKE UP - you're the 4 Seasons - a POP group with a few hits - get over yourself! Even the scripts says they did not change a generation - so why the constant back slapping? Then a really bizarre thing happened near the end - each Season gets a chance to speak alone on the lessons learnt etc - then the audince claps - I thought to reward the actor - it it comes across are confirming the scripts sentiments - like we're watching the REAL for Seasons! All very surreal. Not a musical - think of it as the 4 seasons show. that's it - no message - just a well sung concert. I give it 6 months...........

I have to disagree with the previous post. I saw the show last night and thought it was the best piece of theatre I've seen in London in a while. I never saw the broadway version, but i thought Ryan Molloy sounded much better than the guy on the CD. I was also pleasantly surprised by Glenn Carter who puts in one of his best performances. In fact the whole cast were excellent. It was also great to see something with a well written book that links the material together really well. The audience seemed to love it too and I'm not sure what jokes don't work, I thought there was lots of humour in the script. Sdd to that some great direction, lighting and music and you have a truely great night out in the West End.

I really wanted to like this, but it's really bland at the moment. I saw it in New York with the original Broadway cast and it was great although I'm not a fan of jukebox shows. The script is the same but the jokes don't work here although I'm not sure they can't be adapted. Ryan Molloy as Franki Valli lacks the power and charisma of the wonderful John Lloyd Young. The rest of the cast are decent enough but their American counterparts were much better. Still in previews so it may improve. Please note that the front row in this theatre is severely restricted as the stage is too high, a total rip off as you are not told so when you buy your tickets. These tickets are £30 right now but they will be £52.50 after opening night and you only get to see 50% of the action, sometimes even less.