Opened 31 May 2014
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And what does sorry mean? Nothing really. It's just a word. It's what people say when it's too late. It's a sorry little stick of a word. Slick with your spit at my feet. Secluded, isolated, the perfect desert island escape. Just what Robert and the family need. But beyond the white sand and beautiful sunsets, dark clouds gather. A storm is coming. A tropical thriller, where nothing is quite what it seems, Hotel explores the cost of integrity.


Theatre highlights of the Week: Gillian Anderson in Streetcar and Cynthia Erivo in Dessa Rose - 28 Jul 2014

Director Maria Aberg: 'We have a responsibility to consider gender-blind casting' - 11 Jun 2014

Hotel (National Theatre) - 6 Jun 2014

Show Pics: First look at Tom Rhys Harries in the National's Hotel - 5 Jun 2014

Theatre highlights of the week: Clarence Darrow opens and Blithe Spirit closes - 2 Jun 2014

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