Dirty Rotten Scoundrels



This ain't Broadway!

Double Olivier winner Robert Lindsay (RADA the programme needs to tell me!) teeters on that fine line between casual and careless and you'll have to judge which side he falls on...I felt I wanted to remind him that it's me who's meant to be laughing and not him; and that if the hat tricks don't work try to practice. Rufus Hound is genuinely funny and the amusing premis, great tunes, dazzling scenery still don't add up to the standing ovation some tried desperately to conjure up. Why the band and the singing, with the exception of Katherine Kinsley, were so amplified is a mystery far harder to unravel than the obvious plotline! Get the Original Broadway Cast recording and save yourself the cash!

Dirty Rotten Swindle!

I had the pleasure of seeing both John Lithgow and Jonathan Price play the lead on Broadway- Price was better, but both were miles better than Lindsay. The show sparkled with them and Leo Norbert Butz playing Freddy. Rufus Hound was clearly out of his depth and the muted audience reaction tonight confirmed that .... or else they were comatose? Robert Lindsay had the audacity to recycle his ancient routine from Me And My Girl. I couldn't believe it when he went into the bowler hat routine. A sparkling Broadway musical had been turned into a variety act, only with not much variety. I cannot believe Michael Coveney gave it 4 stars?! The Savoy has too small a stage for such a big show, the dancers were left trying to avoid bumping into each other most of the time. Katherine Kingsley in her number "Here I Am" looked and sounded like she was auditioning for principal boy at Skegness. It'll run because the audience were there to see Mr Lindsay and the more he played up to it the more they loved it. 4/10 see me! (IF THE "RATE THIS SHOW" SHOWS ANYTHING OVER 2 STARS IT'S A FAULT WITH THE WEBSITE.)