Dirty Dancing The Classic Story on Stage



Bored bored cringe more bored

Well after years of resisting I finally have in at a friends request and went to see this "musical" well I have never been so bored in a theatre in my entire life. I tried so hard to enjoy the show but it just didnt grab me or my attention I thought perhaps the dancing will be the wow factor and although very good and a wonderful dancer on stage (Charlotte gooch who played penny who's legs were to die for and she had the most presence on the whole of the stage) it didnt move me nor really impress me like other great dance shows have the dancing certainly wasn't a touch on the work to be found down the road at the palladium ( a chorus line) or over at sadlers wells ( west side story) and to be honest a lot of the show came across very cringeworthy a great effort seemed to be made by all on stage but it just dragged and it must have the worst opening to an act and closing to an act I have ever seen. The lift in the water well I understand that is a hard feat to achieve on stage but it was rather laughable overall I was just really dissapointed and the biggest joke putting this in a musical category where really it is a bad play which happens to have some random singing involved musical it is certainly not and I certainly wouldn't see this again even for free although it seemed to be doing it for the hen parties and women who were lapping it up so well done for hitting the mark with the target market I suppose