Children of the Sun

Opened 9 Apr 2013
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Darkly comic play set in Russia as the country rolls towards revolution. It depicts the new middle-class, foolish yet likable, as they flounder about, philosophising and flirting, blind to their impending annihilation. Protasov wants only to immerse himself in chemical experiments to perfect mankind. He's oblivious to the advances of the half-crazed widow and his best friend's pursuit of his wife, let alone the cholera epidemic and the starving mob. His admiring circle, variously sceptical and lovesick, spar over culture and the cosmos. Only Liza feels the peasants' suffering and senses their own privileged world is in jeopardy.


Children of the Sun

17 Apr 2013
Emma Lowndes as Liza, Geoffrey Streatfield as Protasov & Lucy Black as Melaniya (photo: Richard Hubert Smith) One of the chief strands in Nicholas Hytner's tenure at the National Theatre has Read More

Reviewed by What's On Stage User (legacy) on 17 Apr 2013

Reviewed by What's On Stage User (legacy) on 16 Apr 2013

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