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Billy Elliot

Friday night theatre crowds ain't what they used to be: despite sitting in the Dress Circle I found it difficult to concentrate on what is a gripping, brave and entertaining show amid the eating and drinking, talking and singing, coughing and spitting around me! One lady who may have a serious chest complaint barked her way through the whole of the first act forcing patrons nearby to move clumsily to unoccupied seats. Plus there was a trail of people with small bladders or urinary tract infections to and from the toilets across creaky floorboards. Maybe this was a bad night but I was only too glad to the interval!

Finally persuaded to see this show and have to say it was as I feared truly awful and not worth the effort. There are better musicals on in London.

I saw the show the other night with Harris Beatie playing Billy - absolutely fantastic! The only dodgy element to the show was the gordie accent. Overall it was wonderful - especially the relationship between Billy and Michael. Would recommend to anyone.

I went to see the show on the 7th July. I was truly blown away by the whole production. I saw Josh Baker play billy and may I just say that his alility to be able to convey raw emotion and just the sheer talent shown during his performance was unbelievable. I would honestly recommend this musical to ANYONE!

I thought the show of Billy Elliot was amazing! All the characters played their part very well and everything was organised and went smoothly. I think that to say the character of 'Billy' was only 13, the standard of all his acting, dancing and singing where mid-blowing. Aswell as this, I think all of the other characters were brilliant, such as Billy's father, his best friend and the dance teacher. Over all I think the show was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to see a London show!

I was an emotional wreck for mosy of this show. Tom Holland was amazing as Billy. Everytime he danced I started to cry again and then when his dead mother appeared I was off again!! I can't believe I haven't been to see the show before now. It was wonderful. Such a talented bunch of people - led so well by amazing children. Can't wait to see it again (will take some hankies net time)

Went to see this for the second time after a 15 month gap. Different cast but overall just as enjoyable. Shows cant start to weaken in terms of their tightness over a long run but this hasnt. Still got the audience in all the right bits and got a standing ovation at a matinee which is some going.

Oh my god! Did I see the same show as the reviewers on this page. If you want a show full of mournful miners wailing over the strike. A kid who dances the same moves repetitively. Children swearing. Awful songs, and a show not at all as good as the original movie. This show is for you, can I have a refund though please!

I went to see this show last night for the second time - admittedly I haven't seen it since 2005 so I had forgotten a lot of the show. Well what can I say, the way this show is directed is great, scenes blend into each other effortlessly that keeps the action moving, and even though the songs don't leave you humming the tunes all the way home, they help tell the story with enthusiasm and passion. Like I said I have seen this show previously but my memories of the boy who played Billy last time were far exceeded last night with Corey Snide in the title role. His dancing was just superb, he managed to perform very difficult ballet moves for a young lad and still blend it with the rawness of Billy....which as Mrs Wilkinson says 'They are not expecting a finished package'. This show really puts you through the ringer in a rollercoaster of emotions, laughing one minute - TRYING not cry the next!! I had a fantastic evening and I would highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to have a good old fashioned fun night out. NB Sorry, can't help myself. In response to comments lower down the page. I am a gay man whose grandfather was a Miner, and I did not find this show in anyway partonising on any front. People have very short memories, a lot of what is depicted is based on things that did happen during that time and saying that complex issues are over simplified - SO WHAT! This is a story about Billy, who grew up in a certain environment and deals with how that affected his life and his dreams of being a ballet dancer, not about trying to discuss what was write or wrong about Maggie Thatcher and Trade Unions! Go any enjoy this show for what it is - FUN!!

When you can say, after your 5th visit in almost three years since it opened, you can say it is as fresh, thrilling and uplifting as the first, you know it's a classic. Still wonderful.

Went into this thinking no musical can have such amazing reviews from the profesionals and public alike. However I was blown away by it. It shouldnt work....children on stage, policemen and miners singing and dancing, ballet and tap dancing. But it works superbly and is a joy to watch and remember.

absolutely amazing. Can't wait to go back. Witty, highly talented cast.

fantastic choreography - layton williams as billy was incredible and i cant believe he's only 12! i have never been to a musical that has made me laugh so much, the whole cast have great comical timing ! a truly fantastic show and great performances ! well done !

The best show I have ever seen.


I wasn't as overly impressed with this who as I was hoping to be. I was much more enthralled by Evita than this show. Overal I was left feeling empty. The dancing was amazing, the acting good but I don't know something was missing. I see why people love it and will probably go again. Liam Mower is amazing and totally brilliant.