Kristen Johnston returned to the company of Love Song on Monday night (18 December 2006), having been absent for a just over a week due to an erupted duodenal ulcer (See News, 12 Dec 2006). Johnston, who was determined to return as soon as she could, has made “an exceptionally swift recovery” following surgery last week. According to a spokesperson for the show, Johnston received a rousing reception as she re-joined Neve Campbell, Michael McKean and Cillian Murphy at the New Ambassadors Theatre in John Crowley's production of John Kolvenbach’s play about an oddball who finds love after his home is burgled. Molly Regan, who played Joan in the world premiere of the comedy drama when it opened at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater and was flown to London to temporarily replace Johnston in the same role while she was ill, has now returned home. Love Song opened at the New Ambassadors Theatre on 4 December (See News, 13 Oct 2006). It is produced in the West End by Sonia Friedman Productions, Robert G Bartner and Boyett Ostar Productions.