For the record (no pun intended), the upcoming Backbeat musical (See The Goss, 3 Dec 2003) is not to be confused with another mooted Beatles-inspired musical. Yoko Ono has given the go-ahead for a new musical based on the songs of the late John Lennon. While Backbeat will focus on the years before the Beatles hit the big time, The Lennon Project will concern itself with the more than 200 songs Lennon wrote after the band split up. Producers Edgar Lansbury and Don Scardino are shooting for a 2004/2005 Broadway premiere. Commenting on the new musical, Lennon's widow said: "Over the past two decades, I have been experiencing the feedback from the world to John's life, statements and music. I realised what John had meant to the world. He was a catalyst who brought down the hypocrisy and the old world establishments by saying 'Gimme Some Truth.' What we present on stage should again give people insight, encouragement, inspiration and fun, so they can go on with their lives with some assurance and hope."