30 January 1972 marks an infamous milestone in the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. On "Bloody Sunday", 13 people on a banned protest march in Derry were shot to death by the British army. Now the Tricycle Theatre, situated in the heavily Irish Kilburn area of north London, is considering staging a play based on the Bloody Sunday legal enquiry. The official court investigation into the tragic incident is ongoing, and the Tricycle has been monitoring its proceedings for nearly a year now. If, at the conclusion of the enquiry, the Tricycle decides it's stageworthy, a script will be written based on court records. To date, the Tricycle has created critically acclaimed court-to-stage productions based on enquiries into Nuremberg, the Stephen Lawrence murder trial, the arms to Iraq scandal and Srebrenica. All of those were edited by Richard Norton-Taylor and directed by Nicholas Kent with Surian Fletcher-Jones.