Playwright Samuel Adamson also confirmed that he’s working on the book for a new musical based on George MacDonald's 1864 fairy tale The Light Princess, which will feature music by American singer-songwriter Tori Amos. The piece has been commissioned by the National Theatre, where it will premiere, possibly in 2009, or as Adamson says “a long way off yet” (See 20 Questions, 19 Nov 2007).

In the fairy tale, a princess is cursed with a lack of gravity and the only time she doesn’t float up into the air is when she’s swimming. Because of her relationship with water, if she can master the art of crying, there’s a chance she may be grounded and be able to marry the noble prince who has fallen in love with her.

Tori Amos has sold 12 million records worldwide. Her singles include "Crucify", "Silent All These Years", "Cornflake Girl", "Caught a Lite Sneeze", "Professional Widow", "Spark" and – handily titled for her debut stage project - "A Sorta Fairytale".