The Daily Telegraph’s comic strip about City greed could be 2005’s hot comedy in the West End. Alex is being turned into a 90-minute stage play by its creators Russell Taylor and Charles Peattie. The pair said they had the idea for the crossover after listening to a City big wig complain about how boring Wimbledon and other corporate entertainment events. “Putting aside the sheer ingratitude of the man, we realised that the City needs a constant stream of fresh ways to entertain jaded clients,” Peattie said in the Telegraph. Alex centres on the disreputable corporate financier of the title, initially a parody of the yuppie stereotype pervasive when the strip was first published in the London Daily News in 1987. According to Taylor, although they’ve been in discussions with numerous producers and the stage show is on target for early next year, no decisions have yet been made about casting. “I am really looking for a young Alan Rickman, if such a thing exists. A posh and obnoxious young man in his 30s, but there don’t seem to be many of those about,” commented Taylor, with tongue presumably wedged firmly in cheek.