Never to be deterred by either failure or imprisonment, disgraced Tory party chairman and millionaire author Jeffrey Archer is apparently determined to resurrect his play The Accused. The critically panned courtroom drama, in which Archer also starred in the run-up to his real-life Old Bailey trial in 2001, closed in the West End after just six weeks and some of the worst reviews in recent history. Despite this, from the confines of his Suffolk prison, the author is now working on a television version in which, once again, he'll star. According to The Times, scenes not involving the convicted perjurer will be filmed shortly; then, on the day of his release, Archer will be driven to the studios to add his performance. The plan is to broadcast the completed drama within days, capitalising on the fact, says Archer's producer, that "Jeffrey is going to become a hot property around the time of his release". As with the stage version, audiences will be able to vote on the guilt or innocence of Archer - or rather, his character. Don't set your videos for the BBC, though. They declined the suggestion that they abandon their own satire Jeffrey Archer: The Truth (aired next month, starring Band of Brothers' Damian Lewis as the MP) and choose The Accused instead.