The Drill Hall has drummed up a bit of a fuss with advertising for its new show, the world premiere of Malcolm Sutherland's stage adaptation of Gore Vidal's satirical novel Live from Golgotha. The story concerns a mysterious cyberpunk who hacks back through time to destroy the "tapes" that form the basis of the Bible. He's followed by crusading businessmen, accompanies by a television crew who plan to record the Crucifixion, live from Golgotha, to boost ratings. The new advertisement, which was first published in The Guardian newspaper this past Monday and features a haloed head of Elvis superimposed on the body of Christ, has attracted some fierce criticism. Complainants argue that latter such a promotion would never have been allowed if the iconography was Islamic. Undeterred, the Drill Hall will be re-running the advert in the Evening Standard, Metro and Independent newspapers over the next week. Live from Golgotha plays at the Drill Hall from 10 November to 1 December 2002 - for eleven performances only on Saturdays and Sundays.