Natural Nylon Theatre - the production company founded by Brit pack actors Ewan McGregor, Jude Law and Johnny Lee Miller - has confirmed that its first stage production will be a new version of Chekhov's Three Sisters, adapted by Christopher Hampton and directed by Sean Mathias. The exact when's, where's and who's, though, remain unclear - including whether any of the high-profile founders will feature. It is expected to open in London sometime in 2002. The theatre arm of Natural Nylon, which has already been running a film arm for some years, was launched in January 2001, with backing from the Ambassador Theatre Group and strong connections with the Young Vic. In addition to bringing a bit more rub-off film star glamour to theatreland, the aim is to evolve as many as possible of the stage productions into film projects. Also on the cards are new productions of Dr Faustus, directed by David Lan, and The Collector, adapted by Mark Healy from the novel by John Fowles and directed by Mark Clements.