Speaking of stage shows that certain persons might like to get stopped, Who's the Daddy?’s right to offend was apparently only valid on the fringe. Inspired by David Blunkett’s headline-grabbing affair with Spectator publisher Kimberly Quinn last year – as well as the adulterous affairs between Spectator editor and Conservative MP Boris Johnson and contributor Petronella Wyatt, and between writer Rod Liddle and the magazine’s receptionist - received its world premiere at Islington’s Kings Head Theatre in July (See News, 27 Jun 2005). There were hopes that it would then transfer to the West End and, according to recent media reports, was all set to do so until writer Toby Young got cold feet. Apparently, he came under pressure from the normally tolerant Johnson to back off. And, given that Young and his co-writer Lloyd Evans are the theatre critics for the Spectator, they presumably couldn’t afford to anger the boss too much.