Amongst Theatreshare producer Nica Burns’ other upcoming projects (See “The Producers: Nica Burns”, Features, 10 Oct 2004), there is a new play by Tony Bicat, whose A Buyer’s Market premiered at the Bush in 2002, and the previously tipped stage adaptation of The King of Comedy (See The Goss, 25 Feb 2002). In Martin Scorsese's blackly humorous 1983 film The King of Comedy, Robert DeNiro played Rupert Pupkin, a loner obsessed with becoming a successful comedian like his idol, talk show host Jerry Langford, played by Jerry Lewis. Pupkin stalks and eventually kidnaps Langford in order to perform his stand-up routine. The stage play is being adapted and directed by Jeremy Sams (See 20 Questions, 29 Sep 2003).