Watch out Jerry Springer! This weekend's Notes from New York concert is aiming to challenge the infamous Richard Thomas-Stewart Lee musical in the foul mouth stakes. Billed as a celebration of contemporary US musical theatre, the one night show will be the first time the work of the Grammy-nominated New York-based Andrew Lippa has been performed in the UK - and it's set to premiere a brand new song that, according to promoters, could well be the most blasphemous ever to be performed on the West End stage. "Jesus Was a Jew" - composed by the Leeds-born composer for his upcoming New York musical Jerry Christmas - variously refers to the sacred figure as "a Goy", "a first class Yid" and ultimately "a big, fat Jew". While it may cause offence to the religious, we're told that the piece is "so hilarious that it's set to bring the house down. Religious beliefs aside, there can't be anyone who won't find this song funny." We'll see. Notes from New York takes place this Sunday 2 November at the West End's Arts Theatre (See News, 9 Oct 2003).