Promoters of musical actor Guy Michaels (Jekyll and Hyde) may have chosen an unwise publicity stunt. Earlier this week, journos - including us here at - received an email, apparently from "Sam Jones" at the offices of PR supremo Max Clifford, publicising Michaels' involvement next week in two Toucan Theatre productions being presented at a new fringe venue in Tooting, south London. However, the next day, a correction was sent out by the real Max Clifford Associates, who was rather miffed by the attempt to trade on his name to spam the press. While the issue is being taken "very seriously" by Clifford, we couldn't help but raise a smile by his office's insistence that not only does the said Jones not work there but in fact "we believe that Samantha Jones is still in New York City filming the last part of her highly successful TV series" (Sex and the City).