Is Sean Foley destined to do dead comics? After recreating Eric Morecambe to huge success, with his Right Size partner Hamish McColl as Ernie Wise, in the Olivier and Award-winning The Play What I Wrote, Foley is gearing up to go it alone - as Spike Milligan in a new play about The Goon Show. The piece by Roy Smiles is expected to premiere in the West End next spring, though there's no word yet who might join Foley to take on Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers. Regarded by many as the earliest - and seminal - example of British alternative comedy, The Goon Show was initially transmitted on BBC radio in 1951, written by Milligan and Larry Stephens and performed by Goons Milligan, Secombe, Sellers and Michael Bentine. It later migrated to television where its final show was aired in 1972. Milligan passed away on 27 February 2002.