The ever-politicised Harold Pinter launched a stinging attack on the Prime Minister Tony Blair during a talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival last night (9 October 2003). Pinter - who read from his poems as well as plays including The Homecoming, Ashes to Ashes One for the Road and Celebration before taking part in a question and answer session at the event at Cheltenham Town Hall - denounced Blair's decision to side unquestioningly with the US on the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent foreign policy. And, to loud applause, the playwright said Britain had forfeited its 'dignity', adding he didn't believe things would improve until Blair was ousted. Though a new collection of poems is forthcoming, Pinter said that he had no new theatrical works in the pipeline. "You never know," he said, but added "I've written I think 28. That's enough to be going on with."