Hollywood star Woody Harrelson has staff at the Comedy Theatre a tad worried. Apparently, he's becoming more and more like the unhinged recluse he plays in John Kolvenbach's two-hander On An Average Day. "Robert", younger brother to Kyle Maclachlan's "Jack", is given to ranting, collecting clippings about missing persons and engaging in bizarre traffic accidents. Several months ago Harrelson achieved notoriety in the UK papers for his London taxi peccadillo (See The Goss, 2 Jul 02) but now he's reportedly starting to share more than vehicular similarities with his character. A production insider told Whatsonstage.com that Harrelson is frequently found in tears in his dressing room, disturbed by the parlous state of world affairs. Who knew that the actor - whose career includes famous turns as a mass murderer (Natural Born Killers and a porn tycoon (The People Vs Larry Flynt) - was so sensitive?