The producers of the UK premiere of The Underpants obviously have a sense of humour. The press release that arrived at the offices this week for the play’s UK premiere included a rather fetching pair of frilly knickers. First seen in New York in 2001, The Underpants is penned by comic film star Steve Martin (best known for his film roles in the likes of Father of the Bride, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Jerk and Shopgirl), who adapted it from Carl Sternheim’s 1910 play about a shocking incident involving a lady’s exposed behind during a prestigious parade for the Kaiser. The UK production runs at the Old Red Lion in Islington from 24 October to 18 November 2006. Incidentally, The Underpants isn’t the only production at the Old Red Lion to come with a saucy free gift. Back in May, vibrators were handed out to guests for the press night of Nina Raine’s debut play Rabbit, which has since transferred to the West End’s Trafalgar Studios where it continues until 7 October (See News, 21 Jul 2006). Maybe it’s something in the north London water?