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This week, Radio sits down with the UK's King of farce, Ray Cooney and chats about his new show Tom Dick and Harry, now starring the McGann brothers at the West End’s Duke of York’s Theatre. Radio can be played directly from the website or can be downloaded onto your MP3 player of choice (including some mobile phones). Simply click on the link below to launch the show.

** DON’T MISS our Outing to Tom, Dick and Harry - including FREE programme & post-show Q&A with Ray Cooney, all for just £20!! – click here for details! ** Radio is devised, compiled and hosted by Roger Foss and features original music by Tim Connor. Copyright is jointly owned by Roger Foss and Bandwidth Communications Ltd. Unauthorised copying or use is strictly prohibited.

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Please send all feedback – including any suggestions for what you’d like covered in future programmes - to [email protected].

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