Aaron Sorkin is now best known as the creator of TV’s The West Wing. But the belated West End premiere of his 1989 Broadway play A Few Good Men - which opened last night at the Theatre Royal Haymarket starring former West Wing star Rob Lowe – may herald Sorkin’s return to the theatre. Sorkin, then just 28, marked his playwriting debut with the (surprisingly comedic) courtroom drama, after which he was snapped up by Hollywood, wrote screenplays for Malice and The American President and then graduated to The West Wing. Now that he’s left the Oval Office series, though, perhaps we’ll at last be seeing more stage plays from Sorkin. Dublin’s Abbey Theatre is due to premiere his latest, The Farnsworth Invention, next year - although to call it ‘new’ is slightly misleading. In fact, Sorkin originally conceived The Farnsworth Invention as a film, but when studio bosses at New Line Cinema apparently cancelled the project, Sorkin adapted it for the stage. The piece tells the story of Philo Farnsworth, a boy genius from Utah who many credit with being the true inventor of television – though that’s hotly disputed by supporters of John Logie Baird.