When Charles Spencer, chief theatre critic of the Daily Telegraph and chairman of the Critics’ Circle, recently began writing an article affirming his belief that the Duchess Theatre should remain a playhouse and not play host to the revival of the musical Buddy, he probably didn’t expect the producers to send him a solicitor’s letter and then refuse his request for a press ticket in order to review the show. But that’s exactly what happened.

Even so, Spencer paid his £55 (plus £2.50 booking fee!) for a ticket and £6 for a programme and sat down to watch. He remarks in his now-published review that “my fingers were itching to write a stinkeroo.” But it turns out he found the production to be “ludicrously enjoyable” and has subsequently provided its producers with some of the most favourable press quotes in London! “Buddy Holly's magnificent music undoubtedly ensures that you leave with a smile on your face and a spring in your step,” he wrote. Talk about making the best of a ‘Buddy’ bad situation…!!!