The Welsh company Volcano Theatre embarks on a major UK tour this Autumn with the British premiere of Thomas Bernhard's Destination. Directed by Kathryn Hunter, the play opens at Cardiff Arts Centre on 27 September 2001 before calling at a further 14 venues, culminating at London's Riverside Studios.

Destination is a translation of Bernhard's Am Ziel, a portrayal of a domineering mother and her near-silent daughter. Their difficult relationship is threatened further when an avant-garde playwright joins them at their seaside summer retreat. Bernhard, who was born in Holland in 1931, was a prolific writer whose dark absurdist works have often been likened to Beckett and Pinter. He is, however, less well-known in Britain as only a few of his eighteen stage plays have been translated into English.

The Volcano cast for Destination includes co-artistic director Fern Smith, who has been largely responsible for forming the troupe's physically expressive style. Smith is joined by Matilde Leyser, a dance and circus specialist, and actor Burn Gorman. Commenting on Destination, Kathryn Hunter says that the "structure of the play presents an exciting challenge - almost a monologue with no reassuring scene divisions".

Volcano Theatre Company is funded by the Arts Council of Wales. Combining physical theatre, with acrobatics and choreography, the team has toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe. Recent ventures have included The Town That Went Mad, Macbeth - Director's Cut and Tony Harrison's The Message.

Destination is designed by Liz Cooke, with music from Patrick Fitzgerald and Marcello Magni as the movement advisor. Following its Cardiff opening, the production calls at Taunton, Cirencester, Coventry, Bedford, Mallorca (Spain), Mold, Aberystwyth, Totnes, Colchester, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Liverpool and Hammersmith Riverside.

- by Gareth Thompson