How much have you been paying attention to this week's theatre news? Find out by answering the seven questions below, all based on news from the past week in the wonderful world of theatre.

Scroll down for the answers and links to the full news stories, but NO peeking! Finally, let us know how many you got right on twitter!

1. Which play starring Gillian Anderson has just extended after selling out before even opening?

a) Mr Burns

b) Daytona

c) A Streetcar Named Desire

d) Great Britain

2. Who has been cast in Breeders at the St James Theatre alongside Jemima Rooper?

a) Nicola Walker

b) Tamzin Outhwaite

c) Denise Van Outen

d) Nancy Carroll

3. What was the big suprise at this week's launch of Cats?

a) The show will be renamed Dogs

b) Andrew Lloyd Webber will star as Old Deuteronomy

c) There will be a rapping Cat

d) The Cats eyes on the poster will be replaced by Grumpy Cat

4. Which children's book will be made into a musical at Leicester Curve?

a) Postman Pat

b) The Witches

c) Adrian Mole

d) Harry Potter

5. Which play reopened in the West End this week following a sudden closure in December 2013?

a) Yes, Prime Minister

b) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

c) 39 Steps

d) The Woman in Black

6. Which WhatsOnStage Award-winning play has announced a Broadway transfer?

a) The Audience

b) Three Days in May

c) Anne Boleyn

d) Jerusalem

7. Which actor will be rejoining the cast of Urinetown for its West End transfer?

a) Richard Fleeshman

b) Jenna Russell

c) Jonathan Slinger

d) Marc Elliot


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1. c) A Streetcar Named Desire 2. b) Tamzin Outhwaite 3. c) There will be a rapping Cat 4. c) Adrian Mole 5. b) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 6. a) The Audience 7. b, c and d) Jenna Russell, Jonathan Slinger and Marc Elliot