With Connie Fisher, Lee Mead, Danny Bayne and Susan McFadden all occupying lead roles in the West End at the moment, not to mention runners-up Aoife Mulholland and Daniel Boys enjoying their new careers, you might have thought that interest in the spate of reality TV cast shows would have fizzled out. However, in an interview in today’s Daily Mail Andrew Lloyd Webber – the champion of such shows - admits “now the show is over, I think of Saturday evenings as a bore. I'm missing my telly programme”. So much so that he’s apparently planning another one. As well as being tempted to sign a US deal to find talent in schools, according to The Sun, the top choice for next year’s talent search is to find an Eliza Doolittle for My Fair Lady. After the brightly titled How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, Grease is the Word and Any Dream Will Do, we wonder what the next show might be called…? With a Little Bit of Luck?