Over the course of a performer’s career, there will, from time to time, be roles which challenge their political views. However, at the York Theatre Royal later this month, one actor will find himself bridging that divide. Edward Duncan Smith is the son of former Conservative leader Iain, yet is set to play infamous New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell in White Rose Theatre’s premiere of TONY! The Blair Musical. This new show is a satirical take on the erstwhile PM’s leadership, where Tony is left with the daunting task of bringing music to the masses. He comes up with numbers such as “There’s No Me in Tony”, a Newsnight medley, and is joined onstage by a host of guests including Gordon Brown, Cherie, George W. Bush and a barbershop quartet of defeated Tory leaders. As the son of one of these leaders, Duncan Smith Jr. will appear alongside a fictional parody of his father onstage. We wonder what Iain will think of this, but audiences can make up their own minds as TONY! The Blair Musical runs from 18-21 July in York, before a transfer to the Edinburgh Festival in August, where it plays at the C Venues.