With two of the biggest smash-hit movie trilogies under his belt - Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean - you may be forgiven for thinking that everyone knew who Orlando Bloom was. Not so, it would seem, since veteran playwright David Storey admitted that knowledge of the star had somehow passed him by. Storey, the 74-year-old writer of In Celebration, which Bloom stars in at the Duke of York’s later this month, said "I didn't know that he was a big star. I had to be instructed”. However, he went on to affirm his admiration for the young actor, saying "when we met he was very charming - no side has developed which stars get when they've been hammered with success." Not being known may be the least of Bloom’s worries, though, as he is apparently finding the adjustment from the big screen to the stage an uneasy transition. In an interview with The Evening Standard, he claimed, “theatre acting is just a different muscle, and I'm sort of shocking it into life. Right now, I'm finding the rehearsal space where we're working a very intimidating place, much more so than any $300million movie set.” In Celebration opens on 16 July at the Duke of York’s.