Fans of the Blue Man Group can now share the madcap antics of the blue trio with their friends for free, with (coincidentally entitled) Bluetooth technology installed at the West End’s New London Theatre (where the show has been playing since November 2005), allowing clips of the show to be downloaded onto mobile phones and sent to other people via text message. Bluetooth has already been used for marketing purposes in the film and music industries, but this is the first time the technology has been available for live theatre. Blue Man Group is no stranger to multimedia promotions, having recently signed a sponsorship deal with London Weather (See The Goss, 16 Mar 2006). James Charrington, international marketing manager at producers Stage Entertainment, said: “People see our show and love it, but they find it almost impossible to describe it properly to their friends. Now they will have a great way of sharing their experience, and a free souvenir of an unforgettable night.”