After Helen McCrory’s gastroenteritis (a one-off) and David Schwimmer’s continuing hay fever disrupted the schedules for As You Like It and Some Girls respectively (See News, 23 Jun 2005), The Postman Always Rings Twice, starring Hollywood’s Val Kilmer, is the latest West End play to suffer from an apparent matinee malaise. All 3.00pm performances of the thriller on both Wednesdays and Sundays (the latter originally scheduled in lieu of Monday evenings) at the Playhouse Theatre have now been called off, bringing the show’s weekly number of performances down to just six. According to a spokesperson, “There were a couple of reasons for cancelling the matinees. Quite a few audience members complained that there is too much male sexuality and nudity. The other reason the matinees have been cancelled is that Val Kilmer agreed to do a further three weeks added onto the original run to 30 July, taking the show up to 20 August, as long as there are no midweek matinees.”