Despite a critical panning and wildly mixed audience reports, We Will Rock You, which received its world premiere on 14 May 2002, appears to be going from strength to strength. At least as far as the show's publicity department is concerned. Last month's press statement, which announced a five-month extension ahead of a US transfer, claimed that more than 100,000 punters had seen the £7.5 million musical in its first five weeks. And, according to the latest release, the box office has just taken in excess of £1 million in a ten-day booking period, breaking records at the West End's Dominion Theatre which has previously played host to the likes of Grease and Beauty and the Beast. We Will Rock You producer Paul Roberts says, "This proves what we have been saying all along; this is a show for the public." However, some members of the public - not least numerous sceptics on the Discussion Forum - have expressed doubts over such claims regarding the Queen musical's "unstoppable success". Who to believe?