It may not be long before Notre Dame de Paris follows All You Need Is Love and The Beautiful Game into early closure. Though the musical is at present booking up to January 2002, Dannii Minogue, the Australian pop singer who currently stars as Esmerelda, finishes her contract on 28 July and no replacement has been announced. Rumour has it that fellow pop star Nicole Appleton from All Saints was approached but turned down the part. It's expected that the show will carry on with Minogue's understudies - Hazel Fernandez and Camilla Bard - before closing in the autumn. Fans of Minogue may be disappointed even if they do get to the Dominion Theatre before the end of the month. While Minogue's schedule since joining the production has always been unpredictable, as her contractual obligations draw to an end, apparently the chances of seeing her actually turn up to a Notre Dame performance have become slimmer than ever.