TV-turned-stage star Amanda Holden was on the receiving end of a backlash when it was announced that Thoroughly Modern Millie will be closing at the end of this month (See News, 3 Jun 2004). According to rumours, subsequently reported in several newspapers, Holden’s absences and refusal to take a pay cut contributed to the show’s early demise. A letter to the Evening Standard, signed by the cast of the musical, sought to set the record straight. “We would like to vent our anger at Amanda Holden being made the scapegoat for the early closure of our show,” they wrote. “She has every right to a holiday, just as we all do. She happens to be a wonderful company member with no side to her at all and not a hint of a diva-ish behaviour. The reason we are closing is quite simple – the West End is suffering from a death of tourists, hence smaller audiences. Musicals cost a fortune to run and managements do not have bottomless pockets.”