As previously tipped (See The Goss, 10 Feb 2004), the producers of Bat Boy - The Musical are aiming to fly it into town after its UK premiere at West Yorkshire Playhouse this month. And how long will it run in the West End? Twenty-two years apparently! “Bats should beat Cats, don’t you think?” American producer Michael Alden joked with The press night at Leeds has been delayed by a night, to 29 June 2004, but the advance buzz on the show is running high and Alden and his British partner Robert Mackintosh are hoping to capitalise on “Bat fever” to make the show a cult hit. Though it has just ten in the cast and minimal special effects, the UK production is substantially bigger than the one seen in New York three years ago. The script is also getting a few minor tweaks for a British audience and a UK cast recording is planned. Set in small town West Virginia, Bat Boy is a tabloid tale brought to life (authors Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming paid the handsome sum of $1 for the rights to turn the original Weekly World News article into a musical) - the story of a half-boy, half-bat who takes up with a veterinarian's family while struggling with his self-image and thirst for blood. The score by Lawrence O'Keefe includes "Apology to a Cow", "Ugly Boy" and "More Blood".