Pop star Boy George, who made his stage acting debut last month in his self-penned musical Taboo, is expected to return to the show and the role of 1980s performance artist Leigh Bowery for another five weeks later this summer (from 5 August to 7 September 2002) at The Venue, Leicester Square.

George (pictured in costume) completes a limited six-week season this Saturday, 15 June 2002, after which the role of the late Bowery will be played by former Neighbours and Big Breakfast star Mark Little, previously seen in the West End in the hit one-man show Defending the Caveman. George will then fill in between the end of Little’s run and the start of comedian Julian Clary’s performances in the role on 9 September.

Boy George was one of Britain's biggest stars in the 1980s and it's from that decade that he takes his inspiration for Taboo. It's the story of Billy, an aspiring photographer who launches himself onto London's vibrant club scene during the "decadent" decade and finds romance in the process. Many of the era's most notorious personalities - including Marilyn, Steve Strange, Leigh Bowery, Philip Sallon and George himself – populate Billy's extraordinary journey.

While Taboo includes snippets of some Culture Club classics, Boy George has written an original score with all-new songs including "Ode to Attention Seekers", "Stranger in this World", "Love Is a Question Mark", "Guttersnipe", "Touched by the Hand of Cool", "Out of Fashion" and "Pie in the Sky".

The musical, which has a book by This Life writer Mark Davies, is directed by Christopher Renshaw and designed by Tim Goodchild, with costumes by Mike Nicholls, lighting by Chris Ellis and choreography by Les Childs. It's. It is produced by Adam Kenwright.

- by Terri Paddock