As previously reported (See News, 27 Apr 2006), UK theatres have won the right to allow actors to continue smoking on stage but may soon have to display notices warning audiences of its danger. New plans to post signs similar to those indicting the use of strobe lighting are being considered by theatre owners and the Department of Health in anticipation of potential audience complaints when the public space smoking ban becomes law on 1 July 2007. The Society of London Theatre’s Richard Pulford told the Sunday Times that, although the exemption allowed smoking on stage where it was an artistic requirement, it was not clear whether theatres had to tell the audience when actors would be lighting up. A DOH spokeswoman said there was currently no requirement under law for theatres to put up warning signs. The Barbican recently displayed smoking warnings during its run of Chekhov’s Three Sisters, but other theatres will continue talks with the DOH next month.