Following its premiere season at Hampstead’s New End Theatre, Phallacy (See News, 1 Apr 2005), the latest comedy by scientist-turned-playwright Carl Djerassi, transfers tonight (18 May 2005) to another north London fringe theatre, the King’s Head in Islington, for another four weeks to 19 June 2005.

The play is inspired by actual events. In 1986, chemical analysis proved that a beautiful classical statue - ‘The Youth from Mt Magdalene’ in the Kunsthistorische, Vienna, for centuries judged to be a Roman original - was a 16th-century copy. But in what way does the re-attribution diminish its beauty?

A world-famous scientist, best known for the synthesis of the contraceptive pill in the 1960s, Djerassi is the author of multiple novels and plays such as An Immaculate Misconception and last year’s Three on a Couch.

The new piece is directed and produced by Andy Jordan, who’s directed four of Djerassi’s plays to date. It’s designed by Michael Taylor, with lighting by Chris Corner and music by Jon Nicholls. The cast are: Hamish Clark (TV’s Monarch of the Glen), Lynette Edwards, Chris Brazier, Jack Klaff, Karen Archer and Lucy Liemann. Prior to the King’s Head, Phallacy was at the New End from 15 April to 14 May 2005 (previews from 6 April).

- by Terri Paddock

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