The Right Size’s new show makes us wonder: can you teach an old duck new tricks? Excuse the pun. In any case, we can’t vouch for the age, but we understand that a live white duck will feature prominently in Ducktastic! (See Today’s News) - Hamish McColl and Sean Foley’s new show inspired by flamboyant Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy - and it will indeed have more than a few tricks up its … feathers. At Newcastle’s Theatre Royal, where the show has a pre-London try-out in September, the duck will even be required to perform during the interval in order to draw the winner in a nightly “Ducky Dip” involving every ticket holder. No word yet whether the gambling gimmick will also be used for the West End run. If it is, it may not be the only one. In The Play What I Wrote, countless celebrities – including Ralph Fiennes, Richard Wilson, Ewan McGregor, Jerry Hall, Dawn French and Minnie Driver - clamoured to feature in the show’s surprise “guest slot”. Given the success of that ploy, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see some similar mystery element as part of the magic act in Ducktastic!.