And speaking of Dominic Dromgoole, his appointment to Shakespeare’s Globe means of course that there will soon be an opening at Oxford Stage Company, where he’s been artistic director since 1999 (See Today’s News). Speaking to today, John Nicholls, trustee of OSC, heaped praise on Dromgoole who, he says, has been a “huge influence…. Artistically, the company has grown enormously under Dominic, nurturing a huge amount of new talent and bringing to life many undiscovered classics… We’re all really going to miss him.” However, Dromgoole’s departure means that, with the company’s reputation in the ascendant, “we’re now in a position to offer a golden opportunity to someone who’s emerging as creative individual”. Nicholls hopes to have an OSC successor by October when Dromgoole leaves ahead of taking up his position full-time at the Globe in January. “The ad is going in the Guardian on Monday and then the search will begin,” says Nicholls. Aspiring young directors, start readying your CVs at the weekend.