There was an oversight in last week’s media coverage, our own included, of this year’s Tony Award nominations in New York (See News, 10 May 2004). London-based Martin Sherman was nominated for Best Book of a Musical for The Boy from Oz, adding to the show’s total of five Tony nods, including Best New Musical. But, since Sherman is American-born, he understandably didn’t figure in the ‘Brits on Broadway’-style news round-ups, and he’s rather unhappy about it. A spokesman who contacted pointed out that, Sherman’s birth certificate and transatlantic accent aside, the playwright has lived in the UK for more than 25 years, has long been a British citizen and would like to be acknowledged as such by his peers. What’s more he’s been writing almost exclusively for the British stage for the past two decades, The Boy from Oz being an isolated exception. “He simply doesn’t think of himself as an American any more,” said the spokesman. So our apologies to Mr Sherman. As the author of the fabulous Rose and adapter of Shared Experience’s highly memorable A Passage to India amongst many other things, is very happy to count him as a Brit.