The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, written by acclaimed American playwright Naomi Wallace, receives its London premiere tonight (8 May 2003, previews from 6 May) at the Southwark Playhouse, where it continues its limited season to 31 May 2003.

Growing up in 1936, during the Great Depression, in a backwater town outside a city, somewhere in the United States, Dalton and Pace are two bright, sexually charged, yet disaffected teenagers. Their lives feel so pointless that they need the thrill of playing chicken - trying to outrun a freight train on a trestle 100 feet above a dry creek bed - to test themselves and help them feel alive.

Wallace's previous plays include Birdy, Slaughter City and One Flea Spare. She has recently been represented in London with The Retreating World at the Latchmere and Oxford Stage Company's production of The Inland Sea at Wilton's Music Hall. Her film Lawn Dogs has won numerous awards.

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek features Steven Webb, Hannah Storey, Kate Harper, Nicolas Colicos and Terence Frisch. It's directed by Raz Shaw and presented at Southwark by ex nihilo theatre in association with Living Proof.

Following the Wallace piece, Southwark Playhouse's summer season continues with Claire Luckham's new play about refugees in Britain, Blackbird (3 to 28 June 2003), and a new production of John Vanbrugh's Restoration comedy The Provoked Wife (1 to 26 July 2003).

- by Terri Paddock