If it's true, it won't do much for Tony Blair's battered ego. According to one rumour, plans to take Justin Butcher's Iraqi-fuelled political satire, The Madness of George Dubya, which has recently extended at the West End's Arts Theatre, to Broadway have been scuppered because producers worry American audiences won't know who the British prime minister is. Surely not? A show spokeswoman was as bewildered as Whatsonstage.com as to the source of that whisper. She says upwards of 30 American theatres and producers have been in touch about mounting productions Stateside, including Hollywood actor and activist Tim Robbins, who'd like to take it to Los Angeles. It'd be a brave move, given that Robbins and his other half Susan Sarandon have, reportedly, already received death threats thanks to their outspoken views on the situation in the Middle East.